We’ve only just got the print designers to stop sending us their web page and html email designs in Indesign. They get it now: pixels, not points. RGB, not CMYK. 72 dpi. Limited fonts. Photoshop. We’ve had to really drum it in. So you can imagine the looks I got when I suggested we ban Photoshop from the web design process.

We currently have one of those jobs in the studio that is going around in circles. “Photoshop ping pong” our designer called it today. The client has a designer, we have designers schooled in n web design and the best logo design and branding tradition, and everyone’s trying to serve an ace. Our client-side developer waits in the wings for his turn, but the deadline has passed and the designers are still lobbing each other.

Hence my assertion. Get rid of photoshop. Ban it. Mark up the content semantically in HTML and get started with CSS design. Let the client see what it’s really going to look like and how it’s really going to behave in a browser. That is web design.

One day they will understand what I mean.